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So, there I was, in the queue for who wants to do what section of the website. I was like "That Jokes section, I'm dead keen on having that one!" but Cedric the Comedian beat me to it! So, being at the back of the queue, I was left with the Introduction page. Oh, I'm Pip, the Walking Talking Skeleton, by the way. I probably should have told you earlier. Sorry about that! Anyway, where was I? Let's see, I was spraffing about something... Hmmm...Oh, yes, I was talking about how I didn't get to do the Jokes section. Oh well, I'm finished with talking about that, now, so I'll talk about something else. This site is based off of some story called Bob Piercem's Perplexing Quest. Why couldn't they have called it Pip's Perplexing Puzzle or something? I'll never understand people...Oh well, enough of that, now I'm dead keen on telling you about all of the different sections of this website. First, there's the Home page, that's where I typed out the Introduction to this website; next we have the Profiles section, which is good because it tells everybody about all of the different characters in the adventure, including me; next we have the Adventure Advice section, which is good for learning about all of the different tips and tricks about adventuring; finally, there is the Jokes section, which would have been better if I was coming out with the Jokes, but I guess Cedric's good at it, too, being a comedian and all. If you want to contact us, then the Contact section is a good place to go for information on how to contact us. There! I thought that was a good introduction to the website, don't you agree?