Hi! James Sharpe here! After seeing what everyone else has done, I thought that I'd do something for this site, too! All adventurers want advice on adventuring, right? Well, here's my advice:

1) It always helps if you have a walking, talking skeleton on your side! You might find it hard to believe, but they can be very useful at times, not needing to breathe and all...

2) Make sure to eat as much as possible before going out on an adventure! Also, bring some food along with you, just in case you get hungry while outside. Restaurants can be very hard to come by while you're wandering around a desert!

3) Expect the unexpected! You never know what you'll have to face on an adventure. You could be fighting things like huge dancing moths with candles, and you could even be fighting wicked witches, too!

4) Make sure that you have at least one partner on your team! I can't stress this enough: I've heard about a lot of people who go adventuring alone, and wind up stuck on a puzzle that requires at least two people.

5) Bring a medical pack!  Very important, this.  You wouldn’t want to be stuck in, oh say, a volcano while you are injured in some way without a medical pack.  Please note, medical packs can’t treat everything.  For example, magic used by witches.  People have tried using medical packs to cure spells, but it always ends in tears!  However, you’d be surprised just what kinds of jams these medical packs can get you out of.

6) Speaking of jams, it can’t hurt to take some jam along with you on an adventure!

7) Communicate with your surroundings!  You’d be surprised what things will actually reply back!

8) Make triple sure that you have at least one water pistol with you!  Very useful for getting rid of fire, and other weird things, too!  Also, it’s always tempting to squirt some water in your partner’s eyes, isn’t it?

9) Bring a lot of money with you!  You never know what oddities you might want to buy!  Also, good for buying food in restaurants, too!