This is where you can, um, ask me, Splot, about general Bob Piercem series, um, stuff! If there's something you have just gotta know, then you can email the address in the CONTACT, um, section.


1) Splot, I was wondering how you manage to hold things like swords and wands?

A) Um, Magic!

2) I noticed that certain characters have the same items on them, like monocles and walking sticks. Why is that?

A) There was an, um, sale on. It was, um, buy one monocle, get one free. Same for the walking sticks, too.

3) If evil socks were to try to take over the world, how would you stop them?

A) I have a, um, few methods: A spray could, um, work. Foot odour powder, maybe. Um, wear the socks? (They wouldn't be able to, um, attack that way, but I could only stop, um, two socks with that method)