Sow, for those of you who have read the second 'Bob Piercem's Perplexing Quest' story, here are a bunch of questions based off the story:

1) What colour of cuddly toy cat did Kandee want to buy from Pip's party shop?

a) White cat cuddly toy

b) Black cat cuddly toy

c) Pink with purple stripes cat cuddly toy

2) In the bug-catching competition, Jame and Pip won first place, but what did they win?

a) A pot of air

b) A free trip to nowhere

c) They supposedly didn't deserve a prize

3) What colour was the pond just outsdie Felinburg when Bob and co. arrived at it?

a) Blue

b) Black

c) Purple

4) What was Cedric's special kaleidoscope called?

a) Sensational Practical Optical Radical Kaleidoscope (SPORK)

b) Amazing Practical Optical Radical Kaleidoscope (APORK)

c) Super Practical Optical Radical Kaleidoscope (SPORK)

5) What was Spyder the Spider's cousin called?

a) Tarantuala the Tarantula

b) Webster the Spider

c) Spike the Spider