Sow, for those of you who have read the first 'Bob Piercem's Perplexing Quest' story, here are a bunch of questions based off the story:

1) How did Annie's hair get messy?

a) She fell in a puddle

b) She got booed while on a stage

c) She got pasta in her hair because of Bob

2) What happened to one of the witches' cats?

a) It got hit by a car

b) It got hit by a ship

c) It got hit by a plane

3) Who was Bob's first opponent in the sword-competition in Watertown?

a) Mask O'Sonar

b) Mask O’Radar

c) Mask O'Sensor

4) Where did Pip wake up after he died? (This question does actually make sense)

a) The local farm

b) In the Place Surrounded by Puddles

c) On Mars

5) When I quizzed the heroes, how many question did they have to get right in order for me to give them logs of herbful information?

a) Tree out of five

b) Five out of five

c) Six out of five