Hi!  It’s me, Splot!  I’m in charge of the, um, profiles for each character.  So, um, just select the character that you want to read about.

Good Guys

Anna Kadabra

Annie Piercem

Bob Piercem

Bonnie Bones

Cake the Flake

Cedric the Comedian

Claire the Clamvoyant Clam

Clarence the Clamvoyant Clam

Clint the Clam Elder

Clive the Tour Guide Clam

Dr. Kerr Michael

Hannah Kadabra

Herbert the Wise Sage

James Sharpe

Kandee Caramella

Melanie Melanef

Pip, the Walking, Talking Skeleton

Pudding Puff

Rockie the Rock


Splot, the Floating Pink Blob

The Great Lizard of the Desert

Bad Guys

Alec Tronic

Ashley N. Darkness

Astro the Astronomical Atom


Beatrice and Alundra


Count Mafangs the Vampire

Derek the Devilish Dragon

Felix the Flamboyant Flame

Florian the Flute Playing Frog

Fluffy the Sandworm

Fred the Lizard

Gauntlet B.O.B.

Gordon the Gauntleted Ghost

Herman the Hooligan Hermit Crab

Isaac the Icicle

Jim Dodger

Magnus the Magnet

Mandragora the Powerful Plant

Marston the Magical Mushroom

Marvin the Monocled Mantis


Phillip the Phoenix

Sebastian the Shinobi Snowball

Spyder the Spider

Stanley the Snake

The Candlemoth

The Cauldron Called Ron

The Octoboss

Torsten the Torturous Totem