Hi, it's me, um, Splot! Here's where you can find, um, Normal Mode of "Splot's Hunger Pangs". In this difficulty, all that you need to do is move the mouse left and right to make me, um, move in those directions. Just catch the cake and get, um, 1000 points to win! If you miss a cake, then you lose 30 points and if you, um, catch one, then you get twenty points. Also, in this difficulty, big fireballs, um, fall as well as normal ones, so if you get, um, hurt by those, then you um, get a game over. Remember, if your, um, score drops to zero, then you have to start over again. Enjoy! Oh, forgot one, um, thing; in this mode an above, if you catch the special golden, um, cake, then you get 70 points!

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