Hi, it's me, um, Splot! In this, um, game, I have been hit by one of, um, Marston's magic spells and so I've been split into, um, multiple tiny Splots. In order to retrieve the, um, Splots, lots of cakes must be eaten because, um, I love cake. You control me by, um, pressing the LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN and UP keys to go in those directions. Also, by starting the, um, game by pressing SPACEBAR, no music is played during the game, but if you do an, um, Mouse Click, then music plays. The more, um, cake you eat, the more points you receive, but don't hit the, um, sides of the arena or the other Splots. Let's, um, play! Yay!

VERSION 1 (Sides damage you)

VERSION 2 (Sides don't hurt you)

VERSION 3 (Sides don't hurt you, and there are lots of cakes)