Hi, it's me, Splot! In this section, you'll have to try to join the Splots, um, dots to make a picture!

Controls: To join the, um, dots, you must click your left mouse, um, button and hold it to draw a line as you move the cursor around. If you let go of the, um, mouse as you hit the last, um, dot, you should see the "Congratulations" screen. Enjoy!

Note: There is also, um, a "One Stroke Mode" available in each section, which, um, requires you to complete each of the puzzles while keeping the, um, mouse button clicked until the last dot, then you, um, let go of the mouse while hovering the cursor over the dot, if you feel the normal "Join the Dot" puzzles are too easy.

So, um, please select a difficulty:



Coming Soon: