1) Do NOT zoom in more than, um, 100% in Internet Explorer. For some, um, reason, I go flying off the, um, right side of the screen sometimes.

2) Do NOT click while, um, playing a level. This seems to, u, make the game go funny. Only click at the, u, start of the game, after you, um, beat a level, and if you get a game over or win the game.

Hi, it's me, um, Splot! Here's where you can find, um, Easy Mode of "Splotanoid". In this difficulty, all that you need to do is move the mouse left and right to make the trampoline, um, move in those directions. Just help me to, um, eat all the cake to win! If you miss me, then you lose a life. Remember, if your, um, lives drop to zero, then you have to start over again. Enjoy!

Download the game here:


Play it here: